Apply for a BOOST Monroe Grant today!

The BOOST Monroe grants will be awarded quarterly to selected businesses and funded in amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000. The money can be used for things like purchasing equipment, marketing, advertising, interior or exterior renovations, etc.  We want to assist you with those small but essential expenses that can often make a big difference in getting a business started or growing your existing business.

No repayment of the BOOST Monroe grants will be required or expected, although we do hope that you will pass on the kindness by mentoring and helping others along the way.

BOOST Monroe is now accepting applications. Application deadline is November 1, 2015.
Grant recipients will be notified by November 30, 2015. 

FILL OUT APPLICATION BELOW AND CLICK SUBMIT. Be sure to read the *application checklist* before submitting.

Application Checklist:

  • Submit one fully completed application with supporting documentation and attachments. Applications must be received by the stated deadline to be considered.
  • If you intend to use the grant funds for any type of purchase – a sales quote, purchase order or documentation from the vendor or supplier you are using is required. Grant funds will be made payable to the vendor so that BOOST Monroe can be assured the funding is being used for the specific purpose outlined in your application. Once your grant has been awarded, if you need to make your purchase online, BOOST Monroe will reimburse you upon receipt of a paid invoice. BOOST Monroe will not pay for items purchased prior to the grant award date.
  • Shop Local preference – when possible, please use local vendors and suppliers. A funding request using a local provider will be favored unless the items you are purchasing are not available locally. If local suppliers are not available then Georgia suppliers and/or made in the USA products will be favored.
  • If your business has a web site or Facebook page, please include the link with your application. You are also encouraged to include photos pertaining to your request.
  • Provide as much information as possible that is relevant to your request. Detailed applications will be favored over ambiguous applications.
  • Do not apply if your business has already received a BOOST Monroe grant during the current calendar year.
  • If you are not awarded a grant and you wish to apply again, a new application will be required. BOOST Monroe will not carry over any applications.